Application Example : [MW3] AsiAticStaTiC's App

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Application Example : [MW3] AsiAticStaTiC's App

Post  AsiAticStaTiC on December 2nd 2011, 1:18 am

Name: Kitto Khrangtong
Age: 16
Gamertag: AsiAticStaTiC
Main Game: MW3
Mic? (Yes/No): Yes
Referrer: Me

How active are you on PSN?: I try to get one daily but with the semester winding down I have studying to do!
In what timezone are you located?: EST (GMT-5)
Will you make an effort to be active on our website?: Yes, I have to manage it Razz
Why did you leave your former clans if you were in one?: Former clans were not involving me enough within their group.
Interests?: Gaming, sports, weight-lighting, outdoors, science/chemistry
Extra Information: -Insert-


This was an example of how to do an application correctly.

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